Mrs Fox’s Crafty Boxes (3 month subscription)


Mrs Fox's will deliver themed craft kits for children to your door, £59.85 every other month for 6 months.  Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes are designed to inspire your child, to unlock and expand their imagination.

We are 2 mums with 5 young boys and girls between us, and this ongoing experience brings us constant inspiration.  Our imaginative boxes are jammed with crafty ideas - plenty enough to satisfy several small people at least.

We don’t like waste, we even include our packaging in many of the crafts and we like to use as many recyclable materials as possible.

Each month's kit contains one primary craft with everything provided, at least 2 suplimentary crafts that you can finish using everyday household items and craft supplies, and a further list of crafty ideas on that months theme.  Full instructions are included.  And we blog about our crafty boxes each month, with a community of parents, friends and bloggers giving you further clear instructions, pictures of completed crafts and ideas for even more creative fun.

If you subscribe to our venture, you will not want to secretly discard your child’s end product when they have gone to bed.

How much is a monthly subscription?                                 

Each month works out at a cost of £15 per box plus P&P £4.95, the total added at the checkout will be £59.85.  We ask for payment for each forthcoming 3 months.  We require 1 months written notice (an email to will do) if you do not wish to renew your subscription.

These boxes sound interesting but I have 2 children… I can’t buy them each a box, how can this work for me?

Our boxes will always contain plenty enough for you to be able to make at least 2 of the main craft.  On top of this, we will also include at least 2 additional craft ideas so there will be plenty to get on with.  In fact, if you have a friend back after school, you will have enough to keep them all busy.

I can buy craft packs from my local supermarket, why are yours different or better?

The creations that will emerge from our box will not be like anything you can buy in the supermarket or even major craft shops.  We take pride in coming up with something a little different.  We also, where possible, use natural or recyclable materials.  We will have you recycling items from your own home.  We aim to have you and your child creating things that you will not want to throw away.  We will only use plastic or foam if there is no alternative.  The designs are our own and much of our kit is hand crafted by us.

 My children are aged 4, 6 and 10, will they all get something to do from this box?

We spend a lot of time trying to design our products with variations for age.  We offer more difficult, alternative methods so that the interest of older children is held and their own inspired imaginations are encouraged.  We like to think that children up to 12 years old might enjoy customising our crafts and stamping their own identity on them.  As much as possible, we make our boxes non-gender specific.  As parents of both boys and girls, we are aware that sometimes gender is a very grey area and at other times, the divide is glaringly obvious.  We use this experience in our designs.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions;

Price: £54.35

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